Weather you are a sub-contractor or a construction trade-person,you need to have a contractors Risk insurance policy. can protect your business and the workers.Contractors insurance of Canada has the best insurance covers to the clients.Each and every construction project is unique in its way. Canada has insurance policies which are custom-built for the effective protection of your construction project.

With the insurance covers,your assets and other properties can make you confident and have a peace of mind..They are the insurance company that can make you comfortable since they have the strength and stability for the protection. Sub-contractors like electricians,drywall,mechanics and masonry can be covered.You can speak with the brokers who can provide you with all the information that regards to contractors insurance.

The following are the insurance policy covers that are offered by Canada contractors insurance:

Insurance for the business-You can choose a full package or just a cover. This can cover on the customized coverage of your built company. They also have a packaged protection that is sold separately.

Insurance for your projects-This is to provide a coverage at single risks for the project builders. They also have the builders risk insurance which is optional. This is a type of insurance cover which covers the building which is under construction. When it gets damaged, the builders risk policy will compensate. In addition, they have a wrap-up liability for construction projects which are long.

Property and liability-This can protect your contractor business from risks like accidents, legal action and damage to property. It can split into 2; property insurance and commercial general insurance. The property insurance protects the assets which are physical i.e. the building, computers e.t.c.It also includes the coverage of loss due to fire, vandalism e.t.c.On the other-hand, the commercial general liability is to protect the business if you are found with a legal act. This also includes the worker or employees accidents that occur at the premise.

Bid bonds-This is an optional insurance cover that is applied when you bid on a construction work and can’t perform the work

Performance bonds-This is a cover that compensates when the construction job is half way and you can’t finish it.

Contractors pollution-This is an insurance protection when the construction work causes pollution to the surrounding environment.

Contractors risk insurance Canada is the best since they provide surety. They supports the construction of the communities through an active involvement with industrial associations. Not only providing tailored coverages,they also take a collaborative approach on risk management.

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